A Virtual Assistant (VA) is an off-site independent contractor who provides administrative services to small businesses remotely, from their own home office. Do you have a project that has been sitting on your desk – you know, the one you’ll ‘get to’ when you get some free time? That’s something that a VA can help you with! A VA is available to help you with the work you need, just when you need it.

Benefits of using a Virtual Assistant

Flexible Business Packages & Reasonable Rates

Short & Long-Term Projects

Increases Your Revenue

Saving You TIME & Money

Why use a Virtual Assistant?

As your Virtual Assistant, I will save you time and money. I will provide the skills and experience, your business sees the results! Need help focusing on your business? At Smart Dream, we have built a team to help you achieve your goals.

As your Virtual Assistant I work remotely – so I never have to step foot in your office! All of my tasks will be done efficiently, on time and how you like them. Time spent on each important task will be tracked precisely to the time of each job or project completed!

How much will it cost for my VA services?

Get in touch for a free consultation to determine whether we are a good fit to work together. If so, I will provide you with my Client Information Package and then we can look at getting started!

Package pricing or by hourly rates are available for my clients wherever possible. Whether you need help with just basic administrative support, social media content support, a PowerPoint presentation for that next meeting, updating a website or keeping on top of your bookkeeping tasks, I will put together a package that suits you.

Quality Service & Commitment

As your virtual assistant, I am invested in your business. You can expect me, as your virtual assistant, to deliver quality service, reliability, and commitment to starting work on time & on schedule